“You have two major problems.”
This was said to me Sunday late afternoon at Tire Kingdom. I went there
after calling to make sure they were still open. Dad had found a big
gash in my tire. But the guy at Tire Kingdom had found my rim to be in
bad shape! So those are my two problems. Rim and tire. So now I am on
the lookout for a new rim. Tried yesterday and a little bit today. (I’m
really waiting for some more moolah to buy some nice rims!!)

Rock the Universe was sooo awesome. Bad thing about that is that I
haven’t been back to Universal in two weeks. Bummer. But guess what it
is coming???? Halloween Horror Nights! That’s right. I’ll be there ten
nights this year! I really can’t wait. I hope that it is as good as
last year. I brought my camera and tapes to show Bobby today how
Islands of Adventure looks. I was watching a little while ago and I was
cracking up becuase I was watching the Bill and Ted’s show. I can’t
wait for this year!!!

Everyone knows that they are invited to my house for Halloween, right??
Come on over. Were making a scary house again so that should be very
very fun.

The picnic was good. I’m glad some people showed up or I would’ve been
upset!! Thanks to all that came and brought stuff. Had a blast. Maybe
not while playing Ultimate Frisbee. That sun was incredibly hot and boy
did I get sunburnt!! I was putting that aloe stuff on me all day
Sunday. Whooo! And we only played to five points wins!! We are all
wimps!! Isn’t that sad?? It was only me and Candy, Andy, Adam, Drew and
Javier playing too! I wonder if those people ever came back for there
food?? For those that weren’t there I’ll inform you about this: At
about twelve these people came over and asked us to watch their table
for them while they went to get some food. They had banners and
streamers up and they had some stuff on the table already. So were like
ok sure. They left. At three thirty when the last of us left they still
hadn’t come back!! So that is what I mean when I say I wonder if they
came back for their food!!

You guys remember Michelle?? My friend that came down from Indiana(at
the time. Now she lives in GA)? Well she is almost ready to pop!! Visit
her xanga http://www.xanga.com/chell_dehart
I love you ALL


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