“Adam looks like he’s going to die!”     

I think mom said this on Saturday night while we were at Old Town. Adam
and mom rode the Sling Shot which was hilarious to watch. We got the
DVD so everyone can watch it!! Over and over and over and over.

So we went to Old Town on Saturday. Yup. After mom and dad and Candace
were out of church. Adam and Danielle met us there. So we had three
vehicles there!! Funny stuff. It was kind of sprinkling and I was
trying to park and it was a construction area and I was like: Un-unh!
I’m not parking in mud. And then later on mom and dad said that’s where
they had parked!! I thought that was amusing. Maybe not.

They got a new ride there. I don’t remember what it was called. It was
like the ride at Cypress Gardens that takes you up slow and then drops
you. So much fun. I think I rode it 13 times in a row. I’m not sure if
it’s exactly right. I guessed at that number. I had a blast. At the end
though I was the only one riding it. Candy chickened out on me!!! So it
was me up there all alone dropping to the ground. Oh well. I survived
and boy was it fun!

Let’s see. That was Saturday night. On Sunday I went to church and then
I went to Bobby and Judy’s house. Hung out for a few hours and then
came back home to get ready to go to youth group. Went there and all
was good. I couldn’t stay as late because dad was cooking out so I got
home and had a cheeseburger. No, I lie, I had a piece of chicken! So on
Monday Danielle, Adam, Candace and me got up and went to Ponderosa for
breakfast and then we went to Target, Home Depot and Walmart where they
registered!! (Everybody go check out their registries!! Get an early
start to buying their wedding present!!) That was fun. After that we
got home, and I only had an hour before I had to leave for another
B-B-Q. This one for the bible study I go to at Anna’s house.

I went there and had a really good time. There were a lot of girls
there and that was nice. We played this one game called “In the
Pit.”  It was fun; kinda. Long story. Don’t want to sound rude!!
So……we played Scattergories and I was teamed up with this teacher
(only 1st grade) but she sucked!! She couldn’t think of anything. I was
doing all the work!! She did like two words!! We lost but oh well. We
were only playing for fun! No blood. I got home late because I was
parked first and everybody else was behind me. It was kind of funny
becuase two other girls were trapped too and we stayed and were
talking. We would occassionally get up and look out the door and notice
that we were still trapped!!

And now today I woke up at six fifty and I was awake!! I picked up mom
for lunch and I was telling her I was tired of waking up early and
waking up wide awake! She said that I was getting too much sleep and I
was like, I barely sleep at all and then I counted up the hours I slept
last night!!! I went to bed at nine pm. I read for about thirty
minutes. And I woke up at six fifty. I’ll let you do the math. And if
you can’t?? Oh well. I told mom I wanted to be able to sleep until nine
am!! I guess that’s it. I love you ALL
OH!!!! Don’t forget: Picnic for the PCC bunch at Kissimmee Lakefront
Park on Saturday September, 16th. From 11:30am- 5:30PM  ish. Bring
some kind of like side dish. (Like chips, potato salad, etc. No
drinks!! We’ve got it covered!! Were going to have KFC chicken.)


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