“They call me Thumper!”
Ya-Ya’s watching Alladin and Bambi is a preview. So ,obviously, I got the quote from there.

What’s new? Um….I just started going to a girls bible study. Were
studying the book of John. And I was telling Candace that I feel like
I’m the smartest one in there. I mean, I know I’m not, but biblically
smart. I know that these girls are all Christians. Some have been for a
very long time, some a few years; but still. Some of the questions they
were asking like: “Did John the Baptist write John?”  Maybe I’m
just being stupid. Whatever. I really like it so far. I can’t wait till
next week because were having a cook out. Mark’s going to be grilling!
(That’s the pastor at the church!)

Diana, D to some, wanted to get everyone from PCC together for a get
together so I (along with Candy) thought that a huge picnic would be
awesome. I wrote this on my myspace page(http://www.myspace.com/HollyDepp)
and noone has commented about it yet. So I need some feedback. Do you
guys want to have a get together?? Do you not?? Write me. Tell me.
Please. I’m thinking possibly the third week of September. Again, write

I’m going to Rock the Universe next week. I’m super excited about
that!! I mean hello; I get excited every time I go there. I’m going to
buy one of those iron on things that you can print something on. I’m
going to put a pic of the Beetlejuice show and then I’m going to write
“Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue Groupie!”  What do you guys
think?!!??! I think it’s going to be a little weird because I’m a youth
sponsor again and that’s kind of weird. I got to know alot of the girls
at the slumber party but the guys are another story. It’s weird jumping
in, in the middle of things. Weird. I don’t think I can say that
enough!! But a good weird.

Did I write about the slumber party?? I don’t think I did. Christ
Community had a girls slumber party last Friday night that I went to. I
got there a little late but it’s all good. We had a lot of fun. Played
alot of games and stayed up way late!! They put on a movie around one
am: Pride and Prejudice. Normally I would be watching that like a hawk
since Matthew McFayden’s in it but I zonked out while Elizabeth was
playing piano for Lady Whatshername?!! I woke up again when they were
married at the very very end. Then they put on Prince and Me 2 and I
didn’t even make it through all begining credits!! I woke up at like
seven. Blah! Overall a great time had by all.

So….Ernesto’s here. Whoopidy doo!! It’s raining. Wow. I’m shocked.
Amazed. Awed. Whatever. Hopefully we’ll get a good hurricaine to come
and blow us away!! (No damage just some amazing wind and storm! Bring
it ON!!
I love you ALL


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  1. No I don’t want a hurricane yet. I want them to wait until after Oct to realy start. I don’t like the idea of having to wait one out at the hospitalby myself no less,since they want you there if you are close to 36 weeks,and i’m already 33 wks. So please don’t bring them yet.LOL. I guess Josh’s 1 Sgt is on vacation for 4 days so he hasn’t heard anything yet, I don’t really know though since I haven’t talked to Josh all week.

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