“Does you chain hang low,
Does it wobble to and fro,
Does it shine in the light,
Is it platinum, is it gold?
Can you throw it over you shoulder,
If ya had to make it go,
Does your chain hang low?”

JIBBS. That’s the “artists” name. I use that term loosely!!!
I think this song is hilarious. It made Yahoo’s number 1 download for ringtones this past week. Wow. Amazing.

So what’s new?? Not much. Someone sent me this site. It is awesome and
everyone should go check it out. As long as you can watch short clips!!
It made me jump. I hope it works for everyone!

Did everyone see that they have a new season of Laguna Beach?? Did
anybody else care?? I saw about five minutes of it before I had to
check on YaYa. Interesting. Jessica was there and Taylor and Alex. They
were badmouthing Kristen and Lauren and Jason. They said that Lauren
and Jason got fat!! How funny!!!

So that’s about it for now. I have choir practice tonight so that should be fun.
Oh, go to my myspace page and check it out. I’ve changed it up a little!!! http://www.myspace.com/hollydepp
Check out my latest blog!! Please!!!
Love you all


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