“Where’s the boot?”
This is from some silly little princess book that Yazmine just got.
It’s one of those, it gives you a list of things to find, and you find
them! Well, a boot is one of them. Yazmine’s pretty smart. She’s found

So what’s new? Um……not a whole lot. I mean I go to work Monday
through Friday and then on Saturday I go to IOA and Universal and then
on Sunday I go to church and sometimes IOA and Universal. Exciting life
I lead! I know.

Oh, I joined the choir at Christ Community. That’s pretty groovy. I’m
really nervous because were going to be singing this Sunday and I’m in
the front row. Kinda nervous. Big time. But it’ll be alright.

I joined the church. That’s kind of old news. It’s been a few weeks. Well, thinking back, it’s only been two weeks!

I’m thinking of getting back involved with the youth group there. I’ve
spoken to the youth minister a few times. I’m going to check out the
youth group this Sunday night. There havinga big back to school thing
so I’ll be there. Sounds fun now. I’ll probaly be pretty nervous Sunday

I saw Talledega Nights. Can’t remember if I said that last post or not.
FUNNY!! Something I’m sure I didn’t mention: There was a group of guys
that were all dressed as Will Ferrell charachters! Ron Burgundy, Elf,
Robert Goulet…..the list goes on. It was very funny to see. I wish I
would’ve taken a picture because that was hilarious!!

I guess I can’t think of anything to say…..I won’t talk about
Universal or Beetlejuice at all. So that’s it then….I love you ALL


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  1. Hi I am glad that you are staying busy it beats staying at home bored all the time.  Well I glad that you are having a great time at work. Email me so we can sorta plan to go shopping I need a friend to go with Josh isn’t much help LOL

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