“I feel like I have just been violated!”
Where else did this come from? The show you might say? But no. It came
from me……while watching the Beetlejuice show! Hip, or Hop, did this
like dip/bow right in front of me and I got a glimpse of her “upper
torso!” Not cool. Way too much!

That day me and Candy saw the show three times. Once to record it and
then once so I could actually watch the show. And another time just for
fun. Different cast the third show. Anywho…the second show was
hilarious. Beetlejuice dropped his teeth! Right in front of Bride and
then again when he’s trying to hold back Frankenstein. It was
hilarious. Very very funny. And then Dracula kept looking at
Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice kept looking at Dracula and they both
couldn’t stop laughing. Dracula at least had his cape to cover his
face!! We were laughing through the whole thing!!

Oh. Dracula touched my arm. Oh yeah. I don’t think I’ve written about that but if I have; sorry. It’s exciting stuff for me.

We all went to Bennigans last night. Interesting stuff. Good
time….once we got our food. The waiter tried to tell me something
about Pirates that I already know. Stupid idiot! He liked to talk and
he did have an awesome pirates belt on.

Then we helped Adam move to his new room. It’s nice. It’s supposed to
be an R.A.’s room but they didn’t want it so Adam gets it. There’s
three bedrooms and he gets one to himself. Nice. It’ll never be clean
I’m sure.

Can’t wait for Talledaga Nights/ The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to come out. I want to see that opening day!! Go Will Ferrell.

Windy C. If your reading this happy anniversary!! Wow…..seems like it
was yesterday that we all missed your wedding! (That sounds kind of
rude but I meant because of our van’s flat tire….)

On the radio yesterday they were talking about some news cast up in NY
that happened live. These two guys were demonstrating that you can
steal a bike from anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s chained up or not.
So this lady anchor is outside with them (live) and there cutting
through the chain and all of a sudden one of the guys drops down on the
ground and you see blood on him and the lady starts freaking out.
Yelling at the guy sawing to stop. The guy on the ground who’s
screaming jumps up and is like: “It’s just a joke.” The anchor is like
“that’s not funny. There are kids watching. Not cool!” It goes on and
on. Funny stuff. Go to  http://www.mjmorningshow.com to watch the whole thing.

So I’m really tired today and tonight I woke up thinking that I was
going to go to bed early but then I remember that I’m joining the choir
at Christ Community so I have to go to practice tonight at seven
thirty. So I won’t get home till probaly nine if it’s only an hour
long. But who knows? I guess I will find out tonight. I’ll write more
some other day….I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU(!!!!!) for the scholarship websites. I’ve tried fastweb but I’ll try the others. Hope you are doing well.

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