“Focus baby. Focus!”

This is also from the Beetlejuice show at Universal. Yes, I have become obsessed! I now have it on tape! Yes, you heard it right! I went and taped it. Now I have to go back and get a better tape of Dracula! I got the one that lisps! He’s hilarious. I seriously cannot stop laughing. I’m watching it now and I can’t wait for him to sing his solo!!

Bobby told me he got Miami Vice for me. So that’ll be cool. Can’t wait to see that.

In my car I have this Dry-erase board. It changes sayings every few days or few minutes! Well, now it has on it: Wanted: Dracula Impersonator
Must provide own cape and fangs
Make-Up optional

I thought it was funny.

Tally didn’t hear me come in the house today and I was looking for her since she wasn’t waiting for me. I was in the living room and I heard the doggy door open and Tally walked in and turned to see me and jumped. I’m serious. She was scared!!!!

I guess I don’t really have anything else to say at this particular moment. I love you ALL


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