“If you want to see me possess these monsters say “Oh yeah!” Better yet say “Heah yeah!””

This is, you guessed it, from the show at Universal. The one and only Beetlejuice show! He says this near the end. It’s hilarious. Of course I think so. Candace does too. She loves the whole thing too. Don’t let her fool you. I’ve turned her to the dark side. Hee, hee.

Great thing about yesterday: Went to Universal. Whoopee, you say? Well, keep reading. We went and saw the show. Don’t stop reading!! Were singing and I’m mesmermized by Dracula and at the end of the show when Beetlejuice is saying clap for: Frankenstein and all the others; he says Dracula and Candace screams really really loud and he looks at her and lifts an eyebrow and shakes his head. All in a good way!! A great way! I told her I was going to tell everybody he did that to me since I love him. I said it happened to whoever gets to xanga first!!!

Did I mention we were in the front row? Well, we were. Oh yeah.

So today my neck is killing me. Maybe I’ve gone on the Mummy one too many times?!

I have to go take a shower and wake up! I love you ALL


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