“Ya ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light?”

The Joker (Jack Nicholson) says that in Batman. The greatest one there is with Michael Keaton as the big bat himself!! I love that one. Kim Bassinger as Vicki Vale (what a name!!). Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. He’s just the greatest. Some people think Sean Connery is a hot older man (gag me!) but not me. I think Michael Keaton is the real hottie!! Majorly.

So I went to IOA and Universal with Adam and Candy today. Some special event was going on so they closed Universal early. Some band. Yesterday they said Bill Gates was coming today. So who knows?

Yesterday Candy and I got our caricature drawn. It’s sooo funny. It does look like us. That’s good. The artist was making us laugh the whole way through. I think Candace was just flirting with him!! He was actually funny. I will give him that. And I guess he can draw. Have to give him that!!!

Tonight Danielle arrives at Orlando International Airport at 11:50pm so I am going with Adam to pick her up. She’s coming back from the motherland……well, her motherland: Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow were having company over. The childrens minister from mom and dad’s church so everyone knows what that means, right?? You guessed it: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Like we have a messy house or something? I mean honestly! So I had to clean the bathroom. Oh, fun; I know. Candace did was the mirrors and sink. But I got stuck with the toilet. More fun; I know.

I bought some new Karaoke CD’s so I’m going to have some people over to sing: NILS!!!

Oh, humungous news!!!! I am getting Pirates 2. Yes. You read correctly. I will have a party. You all must come. (If you do not understand this you can email me and I will tell you. Maybe.)

So I was only going to write like a paragraph and now it’s turned into a few paragraphs. Oh well. I’m sure you read every word. Thank you very much. I love you ALL


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