“Pour some sugar on me…….Sticky sweet….from my head to my feet.”

I heard that song on the radio on the way home from work. The cars in front of me were all going extremely slow!! 45 in a 55! Hello!!! What is the deal? If I can do 55 I am going to do 55!

So I have still only seen Pirates twice. Gotta rectify that!! My boss got me another t-shirt and two Pirates pins!!! Ohmygosh I love them sooo much!! They keep on getting me things. I feel sooo awesome working for them! I might be going to Las Vegas!! Holy CRAP! Oh yeah!!

Ummmm….tomorrow were going to Universal. Bobby and co. might be coming as well. We might meet up with them. That’d be interesting. Cool. Can’t wait to go. I love that place. Gotta watch that show.

That Beetlejuice show!!!! I love you Dracula…..Count Dracula! I’m coming!! Did I tell you guys about that Dracula who obviously was new to wearing the fangs??? He was lisping everything. I couldn’t stop laughing!! He was singing and it was sounding like: “Sthe sthook me all nigsth long.” I seriously could not stop laughing!!

Mom just said something hilarious and I am laughing again……funny stuff!!!! Ask me about this in five minutes and I will have no clue what she said!!! It’s already lost. I don’t remember at all! Dang it!

So I’m going to bed. My stomach is aching and my head hurts and I have to go to the bathroom! Oh the life of me! I love you ALL


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