“Meet me in the mall…..it’s goin’ down.”
I don’t know who sings this but it’s on the radio now so that’s why I chose it.

Can’t type much. At work. Don’t have anything to do at this particular
moment. So anywho…sorry I haven’t written in like a month. Feels like
it at least. So much has happened to everyone. I hadn’t checked my
email in like two weeks so I had literally twenty xanga subscriptions
to read!!! I finally just finished reading them. Whooo!

I’m busy, busy, busy.

Saw Pirates 2 twice now. Opening night with Kate and Candace (some
friends were babies!!). Saw it again last night with Nils (Happy
Belated Birthday to you!) and Adam and Danielle who are officially
engaged now!! Woo-Hoo. We had to sit in the second row so that was a
little freaky but the movie is awesome. Great. Super Duper. Brilliant.
Stupendous. And all those other adjectives.

I love Johnny Depp. Need I say more??

Judith(Bobby’s wife) works at Disney so she brought me their newsletter
that was full of Pirates stuff. She also bought me two Pirates
shirts!!! She is soooo sweet. I am sooo thankful that I work for Bobby
and her. Good times.

I guess I need to get back to work. I love you ALL


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  1. Hey I think we are going to wait and see it when Josh has more time than a couple of hours.  But his sister went and saw it and seemed to like it as well so I know we will end up watching it at some point just with getting the baby’s stuff and trying to figure when we will actually move has crazy around here.

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