“Scream like you just saw me naked!!!!”

Beetlejuice yells this at the crowd before the show at Universal. Yes. I went there again. Oh yeah!!

I’ve been busy at work so I haven’t gotten a chance to write at all. Crazy world were living in.

Got a question for you xangans. I have a friend (hypothetically!) who asked me to do a favor for him/her. Let’s say their name is Jaime. Jaime asked me to, say, water their lawn for them. I did it on Thursday but I told them I couldn’t on Friday because I would be running errands and busy. So on Friday I get a call (which I ignore since I’m busy with work) and in the voicemail Jaime says that they don’t know understand why I felt I had to lie to them. Jaime said that they saw my car outside all day and that I didn’t leave at all. So why couldn’t I have watered their lawn? Someone answer me what I should do, because I’m a little peeved about this whole situation. And if your reading this, and you know who you are JAIME! you need to realize that I have a new job and it’s a REAL job. Let me work. I love ya but I gotta work!

Anywho…..back to Universal. Been spending most of the time at Universal instead of IOA lately. Mainly because Beetlejuice’s show is there. So today I didn’t have to work. (I took Bobby to the airport at 4:30am and then I watched Yazmin till 8 and then I took her to her grandmas.) Went to Universal by 1:00pm and we went IOA first. Went and rode Red Fish, Blue Fish and got a little wet, then went to the Dragons. They said Ice was down so we got in Fire’s line and then Fire went down and Ice was running! Finally got on and had fun. Then we went and rode Jurrassic Park. Boring line. Interesting “couple” in line. After that we went to Blutos Barge. Got on the ride (2 hour wait) and we were sitting next to this couple that looked very stuck up. As soon as the ride started the lady’s face froze in this stuck up pose. She got wet and her face didn’t move. You could tell she was ticked off!!! I looked at her and started laughing! The whole ride I laughed my butt off and she knew I was laughing at her!!!

After that we went to Universal and saw the Beetlejuice show. Different cast but very very good!!! DRACULA I LOVE YOU. (Almost as much as Johnny Depp!!) We went and walked and rode MIB and saw the Fear Factor show. We rode the Mummy and walked around some more. Looked in some shops for old movie stuff and couldn’t find crap on old movie monsters. NOTHING. Nobody could help us either. Well, all they could say was that they didn’t sell anything like that. Even though they have the Beetlejuice show and the Monster Cafe. Crazy, isn’t it?

I have fallen in love with Dracula. Not kidding. No joke! He is a hottie. Both of them. I don’t like the poofy hair one but the buzz cut/Ted and the one with the way white hair in front. OHMYGOSH, I love him…..oh yeah!! I’m going to have to bring my videocamera and tape the show so everybody can see it. Oh yeah!! Well, I love you ALL


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  1. I would have told them even if my car was there all day doesn’t mean I was.  I’m glad that you are having a great summer at IOA and Universal.  We need to get together sometime and go shopping once we finally move, but who knows when that will be.  Have fun this week and stay cool it very hot and HUMID here and it is only the beginning of summer.

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