“Need a pretty woman. Pretty Woman. Pretty woman…”

Candace and I were sooooo ready for it this time. Ok. I know. I’ve gotten ahead of myself. We went to Universal. Oh, of course; you say. They go there all the time. Well your darn right!!!! We bought the passes. Were going to use them!!!

So we were at Universal; Not IOA. Do you understand? We went and saw the Beetlejuice show. Twice in the same day. We have it memorized and we can tell you what roles the charachters play in other Universal shows!! Like for example Dracula is also Bill in the Halloween show. That’s right. Were that into Universal!! Anywho…saw the show. Memorized it.

Went back today and we sat on the left side. Because Beetlejuice looks for a “Pretty Woman” over there. We waited for the moment. He came down into the audience. And then as were holding our breath’s trying not to laugh he goes to the other side and chooses a lady!! The audacity. We had everything planned out and he goes and ruins it. But today the players were different so we just went and saw it for fun. Dracula had way way too much hair on top of his head!! And the Wolfman was way too enthused to be there!! The Bride had a screechy voice and Hop could not, I repeat COULD NOT, sing AND dance at the same time!!

So that was our adventure for the day. Good times. We’ll probaly go back next week with another great adventure. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe next time I’ll write about Curious George’s play area and how me and Brooke are god’s over there!! That’s right. Everyone comes to us and asks us questions. And parents beware. We will shoot you!! (Inside joke I guess because looking at that now looks pretty bad!! I mean by water gun of course!) Well, I love you ALL


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  1. I miss going to Universal I am hoping to get josh to go sometime he has never been. he went to Floridawhen he was little so he doesn’t really remeber going. I was hoping to go before the baby came but it doesn’t look like that will happen. LOL

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