Got a few quotes today. Candace and I have been to IOA and Universal this past week so that’s where they come from.

“Earthworm knuckles and rancid beer. Why are you still here?”
            That’s from Dueling Dragons. You hear it while your waiting in line. Forever. And ever. And ever!

“Bring him in a spaceship or carry him on your bicycle.”
             We were in line for E.T. and the main alien talks to you and this is what he said. I thought it was funny because WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO TAKE HIM IN??

“Back off MORON!!”
             I said this while going to IOA. This SUV was right on my tail and out of nowhere I shouted (with my windows up) that. Candace freaked out and jumped!

So obviously we’ve had some good times at Universal. Yesterday we spent the afternoon over there. We played in Feivel’s Playplace and then we went to Curious George’s place. It’s like a water park for little kids. We were the only “big kids” there. We had soooo much fun. I want to go there everytime now!! We were completely soaked!!

After that we went and watched Beetlejuice’s show. Holy cow; I do not know how we have missed that! Not once have we ever seen it and yesterday we ended up watching it twice!! Bill, from the Halloween show, is in it. He’s dracula. Who is a hottie!! Candace liked Frankenstein!! (“She’s mine!”) It was soo funny. Very good. I liked it alot. Alot, alot. They were all very good. The only bad part was this witch of a usher. She was a meanie.

See, me and Brooke were getting there right as it was about to start so I was just going to step over the back row to sit down but she shouted at me: “DON’T CRAWL OVER THE SEATS!” I was like OK! Don’t freak out! So we went around and sat down. Then the next show we went to she was still there and I saw a whole bunch of people crawling over and she didn’t say anything!! Hello!! It was ridiculous. She needed to take a chill pill!!

Well; the new job is going smashingly!! Having fun. I went shopping the other day with Candace and bought a whole bunch of new clothes!! Had fun. Big time. I guess that’s about it. I love you ALL


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  1. I’m glad that you are having a great time at your job. I hate when people yell at you at aprks and than some one else does it and they don’t say a word to them. Oh well that’s the price you pay for climbing over seats.LOL LOL

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