“Where’d ya go? I miss you so.” Ft. Minor. Some guy from Linkin Park and, get this, Holly Brooke!! Funny, isn’t it?

I bought that CD today and listened to about seven tracks before I got home. I got it at Target for those who are wondering why it took seven tracks to get home. Anywho…..at Target I was in the checkout and it was taking forever and I was looking at the gum and I saw this gum that said it was “engergy gum.” So I was like, “I’ll try it.” So I bought it and when I was in the car I was chewing a piece and OHMYGOSH!!!! It was horrible!!  I couldn’t chew the piece any longer; I spit it out. Blah. How can they market that crap?? So, anybody want some gum??

Who’s getting excited about X-Men 3?? I want to go see it now. But I guess I will make it till it starts actually playing at the theater! I really can’t wait till Pirates 2! Who is coming to the first showing with me??? Everybody better be saying yes!!! I mean it. I really do. I will hunt you down and drag you there whether you want to go or not.

So, guess what!?! I have a job. I didn’t look very hard at all. All I did was go and visit Bobby and Judy and told him I was looking for a job. He whipped out his phone and called some guy in the hotel biz. But then we started talking and he was telling me that he needed a personal assistant and I practically fell from my seat!! I am soooo amazing of an organizer!! I knew my serious OCD would come in handy some day!! Oh yeah baby! I am going over to his tomorrow to check things out!

Next Wednesday is Madyson’s tonsilectomy. Everybody pray for her!! When she tells somebody about it she looks so serious. So I told her I would come and visit her and I would bring her a big balloon!! So now I have to find a big balloon. And one for Taylar. But I was at Wal Mart today and I was looking for a stuffed animal to tie the balloon to. There was like none! I was shocked. So I found this cute little Aristocats (Marie) purse. It will work perfectly!! I miss Mady and Taylar soooo much! I hope everything goes good. I’m sure it will.

I re-organized my closet! I moved my dresser from the left side to right side and my tv stand from the right side to the left side. That may sound easy, but believe me, it is NOT!! I had to take all the books off that tv stand and I had to remove clothes from the dresser! Man alive, I didn’t think I would finish. But through it all I watched the Bones finale and American Idol. It looks good though!

So about this show American Idol; any fans out there? I will admit that we have voted. Twice. For the same guy. Same night. That’s it. I can’t believe that were hooked on it. It really isn’t that exciting. But oh well. It’s usually right before House. So might as well watch it. I can’t believe Katherine didn’t get the boot tonight. I want Taylor to win. But I’m sure slutty-McPhee will win. Enough for tonight. I love you ALL


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  1. YEAH!!!!!!! For you for getting a job… I know how much you wanted one..LOL 
    Hey you could always come and help me pack if you want… LOL  I’m not that big into AI at all I watched it last year I watched the Amazing Race which I think is better.  Tell Maddie I hope she feels better soon.

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