“We are strong. Heartache to heartache. We stand tall. Love is a battlefield.”

Is it Pat Bennatar? I believe so. I only put that up today because I listened to that CD yesterday. It’s got five songs from Blondie and five from Miss Bennatar. All their good songs that everyone knows like: Heart of Glass, the one above, One way or another and so on. I got it from Target; it was on sale for $3.48.

So yesterday was my birthday as you all know!! I woke up at eight am. Not sooo groovy but we (Adam, Candy and me) had set out some balloons and flowers and a card for mom. I wanted to make sure I was awake to see her see them. She was still in bed so I crawled in there with her. (Yes, I can still sleep with my mommy!) I think I fell back asleep for another hour and then we got up and she went out there. The first thing she saw was the pictures that she had been wanting for awhile. She was quite happy.

Then I got to get my present. Mom handed me a notecard with a riddle on it. I had to go somewhere else and find another card and that led me somewhere else. I think five more places and I went to my car and there was my present!! It was a set of luggage. It’s what I wanted so I was very pleased!!

Candace had to go to work so we didn’t go out to eat until six pm. We met Brooke at Bahama Breeze and the wait was very long! It was a little over an hour which I guess wasn’t too bad. So we finally got a seat and our drinks ordered. Our waiter, Ron, was funny and nice. He made sure our drinks were never empty!! There wasn’t a very wide selection of food but we all got something yummy. We ordered this cheesecake for dessert and our waiter put a candle in it and my family sang Happy Birthday to me. I was a little bit embarrassed because Candy chose to sing quite loud!!

It was a really good day. I can’t believe that I am officially 24 now! It’s crazy.

Today I drove into town a little early to drop some papers off at the lawyers. I got there and they said it would be about five to ten minutes. So I sat down and it seems like thirty minutes passed before they said that Nina (who I needed to see) was in negotiations with Geico and she wouldn’t be able to see me. So I have to call later to ask the questions I wanted to ask.

After that I went to Arby’s to meet mom and Cheryl for lunch. But mom couldn’t get out while I had time so we ended up not seeing each other. Anywho…..I got my food and sat down and started to eat when I heard my name. I looked up and there was Javier and Joanne! I went over and ate with them but then I had to leave to go vollunteer.

Sylvia was already there. She is the sweetest lady in the entire world!! I mean it. She called me on my birthday to wish me a happy one. Sweet! I always volunteer with her because she is sooo funny too. We always end up laughing the entire time. So anywho….we were there with this other lady today who kept on clearing her throat. AAAGH! I wanted to get her some water. It was that sick, pleghmy (?) sound. It was gross. She didn’t help us much anyway. So we have to come back tomorrow and straighten everything up because some bigwigs are coming to give them some kind of grant. So we have to “clean house.” It should be funny because Sylvia will be there!!

Well, I guess I’ve written enough for one day. I suppose. Everyone pray for me to get this personal assistant job!!! I love you ALL


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  1. I hope yuor Birthday was super super Happy! I am sorry that I could not be there for it! I didn’t even realize it when you came by Sunday night, I feel like an idiot! I think I did wish you a Happy Birthday… But Happy Birtday again…your present is a little late but you will get it eventually! We will definetly have to get together and go to the mall when I come back from home! I hope you are having an awesome week! I shall catch ya later!

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