“Do you know who Reverend Run is??

I’m not asking the xanga audience this question. Well…..maybe I am: Do you know who he is?? Anywho. This was a question I posed to a Virgin Megastore empoloyee.

Now, before I start this….when you think of Virgin Megastore do you conjure up images of rock genius’ and classical wiz’s?? People who know their stuff? Guys and gals that can play Rock and Roll Trivia and win easily? Well do you?

Well I do. I did. Not anymore……A few months ago when I was still using a crutch me and mom and Cheryl went to Virgin at Downtown Disney. (Where’s another one?) We were waiting for a movie so we were gazing at all the CD’s, DVD’s and books. I was checking out “She Want’s Revenge,” and mom and Cheryl were looking at tv DVD’s. On their million tv’s they were playing “Virgin Recommends” videos. We started watching them and there came this one with Reverend Run singing with this other group and they sounded amazing. So we didn’t catch the name of the other group that he was singing with. I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

I went up to a cashier and asked if she knew what song it was. She looked at me like I was joking. I explained it was on all the tv’s and Reverend Run sang with them and she was like “I don’t know.” I was like ok and I went and looked at their kiosk thingy for finding music. (Do they ever work properly?) I couldn’t find it at all. I couldn’t even find Reverend Run’s CD……that I know they have. So I was ticked off. I went to another cashier person and as I was in line I was hoping for one cashier in particular but of course I got the youngest looking one who didn’t look like she knew who Cyndi Lauper was. I asked her if she knew who Reverend Run sang with and she was like “who?” That’s when I said that question up at the top!! I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know who Reverend Run was!! HELLO! Run DMC?!?!? Ever heard of them? My gosh.

So now I know that I know more about music then those that work at Virgin. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Oh yeah….I’m smart!
I love you ALL


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  1. I know who he is too. Did you say Run DMC? If you didn’t then I can understand why someone might not know, doesn’t mean it’s ok for them not to know when they work at Virgin but hey I understand. Some people just don’t know them by any other name than the one that they hear all the time.

  2. Holly, I think that you should take over that store and have training workshops with all the employees so that you can educate them in all areas of fine music. This world would be a much better place…. by the way thank you for telling the Easter Bunny I loked bubble….let me rephrase…love bubbles! They were so super cool…. I have never been so excited in my life. So I have a question for you and Candace….they are changing my schedule at work after Graduation and I know I have some days off, actually weekdays…so I was wondering if you guys would like to go on a super amazing date with me….I have a particular store in mind, possibly at the Florida Mall…I will ask you  about it on Friday when you come see me GRADUATE! I hope you are having a super awesome day…catch ya later….

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