“Your marrying a whore!”

This is from a song from Panic! At the Disco. Go check them out!! They are super-duper. I’m in love. There coming to House of Blues in June or July……hmmm. We’ll see!

So this past week I’ve been house/dog sitting for Becky. Big house. Big pool. Big bed……all to myself! Oh yeah baby! I had a blast. I stayed up late and unfortunately woke up early!! Those dang dogs had to go to the bathroom. Who would’ve thunkit?!? So I watched a lot of tv. Big surprise right?? I caught up on all the Bravo shows. I watched so much tv. Blow Out…….Top Chef…….Dog Bounty Hunter…….Music Videos……Myth Busters…….Whose Wedding is it Anyway…….and on and on it goes! I did swim alot too though. I would turn the tv on outside and swim during the commercials!!

So I had fun to say the least. I went to a Baptist church today. A friend invited me to First Baptist on John Young so I went and it was pretty good. Big choir. Nice sermon. Cute guys!! Big time cute guys. Best part: My friend knows everybody, everybody knows her. So everyone was stopping giving her hugs and she was introducing me to all of them! Oh yeah……..NICE!!

I’ll write more later and maybe that will be more exciting! I love you ALL


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