“He is Risen.”

Happy Easter all. Well, Happy belated Easter. Did everyone get lots of chocolate yummies?? Me and Candace did, even though mom insisted we were too old to get an Easter basket……Please!! Too old? I think not. Never too old! Never!

As promised here are some pics from New York. What an experience!! I will never ever forget what a great time we had!

While there we took this bus tour…..several times…..and on it we saw these seats in front of the U.S. Trades building(I think). If you look closely in the middle of them you can see our first New York bum sighting!

We got on the Staten Island Ferry thinking we were going to Ellis Island.Stupid tourists!!

On the tour bus we took later on we went into Brooklyn and saw the sights. Not very many. None at all that I can recall!! But here’s a shot of the bridge. I think were on the Brooklyn Bridge and the bridge far off is the Manhattan bridge. Just a guess though. The other pic is just of the view.

At night we went up the Empire State Building. Not too fun. Very, very cold. Very cold indeed. The wind was killling us…..well…..freezing us!

On the way back to our hotel from the Empire State Building I was extremely tired and in pain(my foo-foo!). So Candace thought it would make a great photo. In my defense we were like a million blocks from our hotel!! Honestly!

The next day we took a train back to the airport where my car was. The town’s name was Ronkonkoma. Say that three times fast!! Anywho….Candace ended up falling asleep before we got there but I snapped this when we first got on the train.

Excited! I saw my car in the parking lot still. No thieves had taken it!! So we took off in the most confusing roads ever! We stopped at like midnight to refuel the big tank and it was like 39degrees out. I was in a little old t shirt so I jumped back into the Expedition and what did I grab?????

That’s right. The blonde grabbed her scarf! Not her winter coat! Not her gloves or her sweater. Her scarf. Oh I’m a bright one!
This next picture is mainly for Diana (a pimped out Jew!). We saw this and had to take a picture of it!

So there you go. Our trip in pictures. Now it feels like you were all there. Sure. Whatever. Oh, for those of you who haven’t seen my little baby (I’m thinking of naming her Heidi2) here’s a picture of her.

Isn’t she a beut?? I love you ALL


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  1. I think parents who want to stop giving children Easter baskets are crazy? We will always be there children and therefore always entitled to Christmas Presents, Birthday Prensents, Easter Presents and any other special holiday presents, there has got to be a clause of something in the Rules of Parenting thing they had to sign. I will search for it maybe Artice 4 section 13? I loved the pics, and congrads on your baby, she sure is gorgeous! I hope to see you guys soon!

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