“How do you get to Ellis Island??”

This was me asking a  NYPD officer on Friday. He really didn’t have a clue. But we found out everything and we never went!

Our flight up to N.Y. was very very funny. I was delirious the whole way up there. I spilt Candy’s drink and then I spilt mine! I couldn’t stop laughing and I think the stewardess didn’t like me. The hotel was fine. The next day we waited in the lobby for Paul, the guy who sold me the car. He came and I couldn’t stop grinning when I saw the car!!!

We went to the DMV and got temp tags and then we went back to the airport. Took the train to Manhattan where we rode the subway right away!! Not as scary as you think. Checked into our hotel and it the room was the size of Adam’s bedroom here. And the bathroom? The size of mom’s walk in closet. Well, not really! It was smaller!!! No joke!! And we had a visiter there that we didn’t want!!!

The tour was a blast. We rode that thing about five times, I guess. (Check Candy’s site!!) The night tour was the best. We saw a wreck so it was wonderful for me!! The views were great. We went up the Empire State Building. Way too exspensive for eighty some floors. Got some cute pictures(I’ll post some later….computer is throwing a fit!). We walked a million miles back to our hotel and slept……well Candy did! I kept on having this dream where the bus was coming into our hotel room and I had to wake up to get out of the way. AAAGH! I didn’t sleep well, let’s just say.

We crammed alot in on Saturday. Alot. Statue of Liberty……SOHO……Chinatown…… Times Square…….train ride back to Ronkonkoma!!!! And we started driving back. The most confusing driving directions ever!! EVER!! But we made it. At about one am I had to sleep so we pulled over at a rest area and tried to sleep. Long story short: I didn’t get much sleep!! Drove an hour….slept an hour…..drove for thirty five minutes……slept for two hours……drove for ever!!! Made it home around five. Mom and dad were glad to see us. Dad freaked out about the car. He wants one now just like it!!! He was bragging about it to his brother. It was really funny because he was out there measuring everything telling his brother…..funny!!

I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep! I didn’t get to sleep in today because we had to go to the DMV down here and register it in my name and all that jazz. I tried to get a personalized plate but HA LEE and HOLLY and HOLLYS and SCOOBY were already taken. So think of something I can put on my lisence plate that’s cool!!! Help a sister out!! I love you ALL


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  1. I’m glad that you had a great time in NY… Sounds like fun. How about chica or what was the other name that Bethany always called the girls?
    Just to let you know we are still in Ft Gordon. We still don’t have orders and we don’t know when we will get them. 

  2. I am glad you guys had a super awesome time! Congrads on your new super awesome car! NY is the best! I am glad you guys made it home safe! Sorry about that awful visitor in your room….gross…. I can’t wait to see you guys…enjoy your sleep and I shall catch ya guys later!

  3. Thank you Holly for being such a super amazing friend and supporting me by not going to my piano recital! It went good, I was one of the few that did not mess up! Graduation is Friday, April 28 at 7:30 pm. If you would like to come and support me at this event I won’t tell you not to…. I hope your Easter was super awesome! Hope to see you soon! And I still have your cd, I have not forgotten about it!

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