“Come what may……..Come what may. I will love you until my diiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeing day!”

I’ve been listening to my Moulin Rouge CD alot lately. Got this song stuck in my head. And then when we went to Arabian Nights on Friday at the very end they played this song. I have still got it stuck in my head. And that Daddy Yankee song “Rompe.” What diversity!!

Sheldon, Wendy and the kids went home Saturday. Wow. What a week. I need a week of vacation! They called us when they got home which was like nine-ish Sunday morning. We were all just getting up.

Sunday night I was playing some GTA 3 when I heard my mom yelling for me. I jumped off my bed and opened the door and my mom told me that Sheldon and them were just in a tornado!!! They called us and they were visiting a friend in Washington (the town right next to where they live) and my brother went outside and a street away he saw a tornado!! He got everyone into a closet and by the time he went back outside the funnel was gone. But he saw the tornado!!! It was only like a F1 but still: HE SAW A TORNADO!! So exciting stuff. My mom heard on the radio this morning that apparently there were about five tornados yesterday and about nineteen peopel were killed. Yikes.

Anybody know what happened at Winn Dixie, on Michigan and 192, today??

I have to take the car back into the shop this Thursday because of a little incident that happened. What fun!! In other news: the house is clean. Amazingly clean and we’ve worked on the back yard. We bought a little kiddie pool for the niece and nephew so I might jump in there (and splash out all the water!) later today!!

I rode the sky coaster again with mom and Candy and that was fun. You should see the video! I have my arms out like I’m flying. It looks hilarious. Candy pulled the cord! Well, I love you ALL


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