“Laffy Taffy…..shake that Laffy Taffy……”

This is a song that Kaylee, my niece, knows. So me and Candace and her were singing this the other day. Fun stuff. My older brother, Sheldon, his wife, Wendy, and their two kids: Kaylee, 6, and Lane ,4. Kaylee is up to Candace’s shoulder. No joke. I kid you not!!! Well, her daddy is 6′ 10″!!

They got her Saturday…….We didn’t do anything that day. Sunday we went to Disney. Had a very good time! Lane, Sheldon, me and mom rode Splash Mountain and Lane wanted to go again!! What a cutie. We went to Magic Kingdom and then we went to Animal Kingdon and then back to Magic Kingdom. We didn’t watch the fireworks or the Spectro parade.

Monday we went to the park in Poinciana. Oh, yeah. Cool beaners. Then we went to Congo River Putt-Putting. That was really fun. Sheldon hadn’t been since he was fifteen so it was quite an experience. He actually won but with ten over the par!! I got thirteen over and Wendy got sixteen over. It was fun stuff and we all had some fun. We didn’t find all the things your supposed to find on the little scavenger hunt but oh well. We rented one of those little paddle boats and that was more work than I care to do ever!!! Ever again!

Tuesday we went to Clearwater. We probaly spend a half hour looking for a parking spot. No joke. (I think that’s my new phrase!) We went in the water and just about froze right there. Cold water!! But we went out pretty far, at least for me, and we saw some dolphins. About five. It was really worth the whole day.

Wednesday, today, we went to Downtown Disney and chilled there. Played in the water. Saw the aquarium. Rode the little ferry. Went in the stores. Lane got a little gun. Kaylee got an Aerial wig. It’s sooo cute! I put it on when we got home.

Tomorrow were going to chill, and then at night were going to Old Town. Mom and Adam are going to ride the sling shot. And I may go on the Sky Coaster. I really want to but we’ll see. Sheldon and Wendy aren’t really “ride” people so……..We’re having fun. Lots and lots of fun.

I just got an awesome letter from my little little sis Sylva in Indiana!!! Go SPAM!!!
I love you ALL


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