“Oh, you have dogs?”
“How many?”
“Two Labs. One white and one black.”
“I love Labs.”
“We got them for breeding.”
“Is that how you get chocolate Labs?”

Yes, that was a real conversation I was privy to. That last question was from my mom being the blonde that she isn’t! If you are still scratching your head at that, that is not how you get chocolate labs. It really isn’t. The conversation was in my mom’s office so, I think that speaks for itself!

We finished painting the living room and the kitchen. Yeah. Finally. I am sooo glad for it to be over! We kicked butt today. My dad just about fell through our plant shelf!! Funny story. Now all we have to do is put the chair rail up. Oh boy, can’t wait! Actually I can.

Sheldon and Wendy and Kaylee and Lane come down next Saturday. Yippee! I get to see my niece and nephew who are six and four. Kaylee, who is six, is probaly up to my shoulders! No joke. I can’t wait to see how big they are. Mom and dad are excited too. Of course they are. The grandkids are coming! There only grandkids. For awhile. Maybe a long while.

Hopefully I will be getting a little bit of money this week!!!!! And maybe a Lincoln Navigator???!!!! Who knows. Maybe I do. I can’t decide between the Navigator or the Expedition XLT. Oh, the choices. I really can’t decide……..oh what to do?

Deseperate Housewives is a re-run tonight so we are watching Family Guy. Next is Grey’s Anatomy. Can’t wait for that. We’ve become addicted to that show. I bought season one on DVD awhile ago and we still haven’t finished it yet! We only have one more episode to watch. We only watch it when Candy, mom and me all have enough time to watch the full episode. The other night we watched three at once!! We were all wiped out! Can’t wait to watch McDreamy!! Go Patrick Dempsey!! And George! Who doesn’t love him?? Darn you Meredith!! Darn you to Hades!

Well I guess I have gotten that out of my system! I love you ALL


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