“Does anybody want to have some sex?”

Not the kind of statement you would think I would have, hunh? Well this quote is from the show Grey’s Anatomy. It was on last night and I stayed up late with mom to watch it. It was at the very end and the boy dr.(who striked with nurses) who lives with the two girls (Grey and the model dr.) was in bed playing PSP. The model dr. came in and got in his bed and pulled the covers over her. She’s had an emotional day at the hospital. He asks her how her day was and she says fine. Then Dr. Grey comes in and gets under the covers too and she has also had an extremely emotional day. He asks her how her day was. She says fine. Then he puts down his PSP and says “What happened today?” And they both say “Nothing!” Then Dr. Grey turns off the light and you hear the guy dr ask if anybody wants to have sex. It was some funny stuff. Good show.

Tonight I go to the most electrifying event in sports history. No, it’s not the world series. And no it’s not the playoffs and obviously not the superbowl. I am going to WWE Raw/Smackdown. Somebody pinch me!! Not literally. I’ll probally cry. John won tickets and since he doesn’t like wrestling he gave them to me and Adam. Oh yeah!!! I am going to pee my pants before the night is up. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of nerves and excitement!!!! I will havea full report tomorrow on how exciting it was. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!

I will be leaving soon so I will sign off here and I hope everyone has a super duper day. I love you ALL


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