“This is the kind of situation a normal person would say: “Oh my gosh!””
“Go ahead, say it.”
“Oh my gosh.”

This is from a tv show called Bones. It’s on Wednesday nights and it has some girl in it and David Boreanaz. Hello!! I think that is enough to watch the show. Doesn’t everybody remember Angel? I think I saw every season of that show. Anywho….the show Bones is about a whole bunch of scientists/archaeologists/anthropologists  that get human bones from the FBI and they find out who they are and how they were killed. All that jazz. It’s pretty exciting. I like it. I had to watch it in my room because mom and Candace wanted to watch The Island.   

This quote comes from that movie The Island: “I know Jesus must love you !!” That comes from the token black guy who helps them off a building. This movie should be seen solely for the purpose of watching Ewan McGregor. Ohmygosh, I love him. Not as much as Johnny Depp but close.

One more quote and this one comes from Johnny Cash. I just finished reading his second autobiography:
“But whatever time God gives me, I glory in it. I just hope I can spend it never making another enemy, and bringing happiness to the people around me. I have no regrets, I carry no guilt, and I bear no ill will toward anybody.”
Isn’t that awesome? I read that and then I read it again. Maybe it doesn’t sound cool to anybody else but me. I don’t know but I thought it was kind of profound. He did alot of things wrong in his life but he really turned around!

Just some things going through my head today. I love you ALL


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