Quote of the day comes from this book I’m reading called They Shall See God.  “This book would make anybody an anti-Semantic!” Candace said this a little bit after I had read a few pages to her. This book is crazy; it’s about a jew and a Christian. These two little girls who witness a murder and then their parents won’t let them see each other since they testified.  So the Jew gets raised hating Christians and everything she says is wretched. You want to hate her; and I do! I only have like two more chapters and she still hasn’t realized she’s being an ars. Will she ever?

  I’ve been reading out loud for Candace. She’s a little slow. It’s tough for her to read. Just kidding. A few days ago I read a while from The Aspern Papers. I can’t remember who wrote it. Henry James; that’s it. (I asked Candace.) I read it with a British accent and it was funny. I tried switching to an Irish accent but it was a little difficult for me so I didn’t do it. I thought it was fun. For awhile, and then I wanted to finish reading my book.

  Today when Brooke got home from school I was outside reading. I was sitting in our blue beachy lounge chairs just chilling and reading. After she ate her lunch she came out and read to. Well, she kind of kept talking to me and bothering me. And then she played with my crutches and kept on hitting my chair. I finally put my book down and came inside. We sang some karoke and that was interesting. Very interesting. I miss when everybody used to come over and sing karoke. Those were some good times. Good times indeed.

  Mom and Candace are watching The Notebook. I don’t want to so I’m writing on here and checking my email. Some fun stuff there. I’ve taken a few tests on Tickle.com. There is this siren outside and it will not stop. I guess I’m going to end things here. I love you ALL


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  1. i dont think that the legend has reached florida yet but keep checking back if your interested cause im writing it out and will be posting bits of it for those that havent heard of it yet

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