All of the really quotes that I had in my head have now vanished so I’m left with nothing. Well, not nothing. But close.
“Who’s got silky smooth, vanilla smelling hair?”

I said that yesterday afternoon after I gave Tally a bath using my vanilla body wash and my Pantene shampoo! She looks very clean and nice now. And she smells very good. I haven’t given her a bath since before the accident. She was really good too which kind of shocked the crap out of me. Maybe she’s getting used to her bath’s?

“I must go tell my birds!” Will Ferrell says this in The Producers. Quite a movie. Candace and I saw it while Adam and Danielle saw Narnia. We were laughing all the way through it. Matthew Broderick is soooo funny. I can’t think of the “Robert’s” name but he’s way funny too. We were watching the credits and I hadn’t realized that Mel Brooks had written it. Shocking. He’s hilarious. Has anybody seen History of the World Part 1?

“Everybody here, get it out of control, get your back off the wall, ’cause Misdemeanor said so.”
I’ve listened to this song about five times today while cleaning. It’s on Now 20 and the CD has gone through that many times. I will admit that I have skipped some songs though. I haven’t listened to it ALL for five times. I have been a cleaning machine today. I got up at like eight thirty and had a bowl of cereal. Fun stuff. And then I cleaned our bathroom and washed clothes and towels. I stopped for some lunch: a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some crackers. I watched some tv: Hawaii Five-O. Funny stuff. Then I cleaned the hall closet out and organized it and finished laundry. Wow, I’m exhausted. I’m sitting now to give my leg(which I’m not supposed to be standing on) a break!

But as I look at the computer desk I’m drawn to having to clean it so I’m going to have to go and clean it before I freak out. Oh, the joys, The magical joys of OCD! I love you ALL


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