“That’s why I come up here.”
“What’s your favorite planet?”
These are all from The best of Will Ferrell. I got both of his volumes for Christmas so it is good! I’ve watched them a few times and whenever any of us say those lines we all crack up. Good times.

 Yesterday me and Candace went to our chiropractor and it was his birthday. I was getting my massage (by Jose-ohmygosh!!) and I heard someone ask Dr. Moore how old he was. I heard 23 and I thought they were joking. Holy COW! When I got out there Candace said “did you hear how old he is?” He was turning 23. I was shocked. We were both shocked. He’s hilarious. You should hear his laugh. It makes everybody else laugh. Mainly AT him.

 Today’s doctor appointment was Dr. Leddy in St. Cloud. The cast got sawed off and that felt weird. It was really hot and I was scared that he was going to cut my hand!! He took some more x-rays of my wrist and foot. He was showing us the wrist x-ray and he was pointing at my wrist and he said that it was healing nicely. I said I thought I broke my finger. He was like oh yeah, and he looked at that too! I had no idea I had broken my wrist. I was a little shocked!

 Candace took me for a walk today. Boy does that sound weird. Tally pretty much drug me around. It was nice to get out though.

 I got Celebrity Taboo the other day. This game is great. Me and mom played the other day just going back and forth trying to beat the other one. It was so much fun. Mom started out most of her turns like “Um…..I don’t know who this is.” Great, great times. I love you ALL


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  1. I want to play celebrity Taboo! I feel like it has been forever since I have seen you, I think I am having withdrawls… I did not really want an easy bake oven, but if Santa wants to give me one in like 3 years , and it comes installed in a house, I definetly want it I hope you guys are having a super awesome time! I am glad to hear you are out of your cast, how weird does it feel??? My friends have told me it feels super weird… how is the leg going? Well I still have something for you guys and I don’t know when I am going to get to give it to you. Adam and I will just have to come over one night because that is the only time I have off. Well I know I am typing super long so I am going to shut up. PLease tell everyone I said hello, and I shall talk to you soon!

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