“It’s a calendar!” This was what everybody said on Christmas if we didn’t know what was inside. See, we all go around one by one and guess what’s inside before we open the present. We were saying that for almost everyone. It was shaped like a book: It’s a calendar, wrapped like a shoe box: must be a calendar! It was funny.

Did everyone have a good Christmas?

Yesterday two awesome friends came and visited us. They signed my cast. It was fun. We watched a CIY video John had made. Brought back memories. Last year was sooo much fun.

Today is physical therapy and then we have to go see the chiropractor. Oh they Joy! I have this machine at home that moves my ankle up and down; well today they come and take that away. Boo-hoo. Not really, I really dislike that thing. So now I’m going to have to use my own massive strength to move my ankle!!

I go and see Dr. Leddy( my orthopedic dr.) on the third. Can’t wait. I should be getting my arm cast off and maybe moved to crutches. Most likely. We shall see. I’m worn out just talking about it. Nothing new going on here so I’ll end this. I love you ALL


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  1. I had a super awesome Christmas with you guys, and I got some super awesome presents! I can’t believe she ate the walk way to the gingerbread house!!!! I hope you are having a super week and I have something I found for you and Candacde, I am going home again tomorrow, so I might try and give it to you on the way back up, if not I will give it to Adam to give to you! Well tell everyone I said hello and I will talk to you soon!

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