Picture this if you will:

Me sitting in the truck with my stinkin’ arm in a cast and foot in my little boot thing. Candace and mom have run into a place to get food and I’m sitting playing a game on our trac phone. A big white truck parks right next to us and the guy looks at me and says “Well hello there pretty lady!”

True story. I gave him this weird look and he started going on about how he was only trying to be sociable (his word). Funny, though.

Sorry it’s been so long. It’s really hard typing with one hand. For me it is. Let’s see. I still have this cast on my arm but I see my Dr. in a few weeks and I think he’s going to take it off then. My foot on the other hand isn’t so lucky. I had the surgery and then I had to get the staples taken out. Ouuuuuccccchhhh! Wow, that was some pain. So now my foot is in “the boot” and it hurts. I have this physical therapy machine now that I have to do three times a day. I’m supposed to raise the level every day and that’s hard to do because my foot doesn’t want to bend like that. Me and Brooke see a chirpractor now. Were supposed to see him three times a week. Not so fun stuff. In my opinion my deep tissue massage did not feel good.

So I’ll end things now. Love you ALL.


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