“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Get out of the car, get out of the car!!” This is what you would’ve heard had you been in our car on Sunday morning at 6am.

 Me and Candy were on our way home from dropping Michelle (xanga.com/chell_dehart) off at the airport. I had just pulled into the left turn lane when the turn light turned green, so I downshifted to second gear and turned. The next moment I looked over and saw a car coming straight for us. (picture the movie Forgotten when they get hit and you see it) I heard the airbags deploy(Candy’s new fave word) and Candace started screaming. I then started screaming and Candy yelled at me to get out of the car.

 I pushed the door open (which was quite hard to do) and I climbed out of the car; Candy right after me. As soon as I put my left foot down I knew I had hurt it. A cop car pulled up to the light and stopped. He turned his sirens on and then zoomed away. Me and Candy are screaming at him to come back. This happened twice. Finally about ten police cars came and a fire truck. Right before the cops came the other driver, a girl, came running around to our car and starts screaming “f*** me, f*** me. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Me and Candy thought she was on something(though the cop said she wasn’t drunk).

 So a cop came over and told us that if we were hurt we needed to sit down. Let me tell you that was not easy at all. So me and Candy are sitting down and another cop comes over and asks us why we got out of the car. HELLO?? I told him we were a little bit scared. One cop asked us to move so he could get our insurance card out of the car. And then once he saw we were hurt he was like, oh I’m sorry. Finally a fire rescue vehicle came and checked my blood pressure and pulse. He looked at my foot and said that it was probaly sprained or strained! So he wrapped a pillow around mt foot and taped it. Those paramedics left to check on the other guy(who got medevaced). Another set of paramedics showed up and checked on us. They brought a stretcher over for me. I got into the ambulance; I was scared. The paramedics were cute (and they have my phone number). Oh yeah.

 Once at the hospital the nurse checked me over. Mom and dad burst through the door and I’m yelling at them. I got x-rays taken of my chest, wrist and foot. The hand x-ray came back first and the technician said that it was broken. Then my foot x-ray came back and he said that I had broken both my bones. So I get wheeled back in to my room. Funny story yet embarassing; but I have to tell it, it’s so funny. I had been at P.I. the night before so on the way home I asked Candy to unfasten my bra. So as I sit with cops around I look at Candy and say: Candy can you help me fasten my brazziere? I had to take it off anyway for the x-ray.

 The PA came in and he wrapped up my hand and then made me turn over on my stomach to wrap my foot. So by this time I’m only in my skivvies and the hospital gown and I’m trying to turn around without showing the doctor anything. Hard thing to do. So he told me I had to go to the orthopedic dr. today and now I have to have surgery tomorrow. For my foot. He said my hand wasn’t as bad so he put a cast on it. Hot pink! So now I’m going to bed because Candy is kneeing me in the back and it’s getting very hard to type with one hand! I love you ALL


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  1. I hope this experience will turn you back towards the light, little straying sheep.
    No, really, I am glad you didn’t die or anything.
    Let us all know when you can hobble down to Denny’s!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Why did the first cop that pulled up drive away? I couldn’t get over that! Imagine them actually doing their jobs or something! Wow…I am glad you guys are okay! We’ll pray for you!

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