“Everybody here, get it out of control. Get your back off the wall, caus Misdemeanor said so!” I have this song stuck in my head. And it’s in slow motion too. So I can try and get the dance right!! Probaly only a handful of people know about that. If your not one of them it refers back to Halloween Horror Nights and my infatuation with Willy Wonka!

Tonight were going to see the first showing of Harry Potter. I cannot wait. I’m pin-curling my hair so it’ll be really frizzy like Hermione’s. Yippee. It hurts like crap right now but hopefully it’ll be worth all the time and effort and pain that I’ve put into it. I am really excited. I didn’t get my cape made in time. I don’t know where all these weeks have gone too. It’s crazy. But oh well………

Short and sweet today. I love you ALL


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