“KIARA!! Quit barking at everybody that walks by!!!” This was roared by me today several times as Kiara was indeed barking at everybody that walked by Javier’s house today. It was getting a little old. Her barking; not my yelling at her.

Last night me and Michelle, Candace, Adam and John went out to Bennigans for Michelle’s 21st birthday. Yahoo!!! It was a blast. Our waiter was a bit slow but I’ll just chalk that up to his being a bit heavy. We recorded sooo much last night. Michelle and I were watching it today and we were still laughing about all that was said. Adam was a sexy cow last night and he called himself stupid. I’ve got it on film. Oh yeah! We sang to Michelle and the people sitting behind us kept on staring at us! Funny stuff.

Funny story from last night. I had told Brooke to buy her a CD that she wanted since I couldn’t So she did and she brought a bag and some tissue paper. So I went into the bathroom to sign the card that she had gotten. I put my purse and bag up on the counter to find a pen when the bag slid into the sink. Well I thought nothing of it until the water turned on. OHMYGOSH!! It was hilarious and noone was in the bathroom to laugh with me! So The bag got wet and it broke and it was hilarious still when I told everybody about it. They all laughed. Michelle liked the CD and it was all good.

So that was fun. Today has been the same old, same old. Michelle leaves Sunday morning. Very early. I mean very, very! We’ll probaly stay out all night on Saturday. Oh, she has a xanga now. So go to her site and sign her guestbook at least!! Chell_DeHart
Well, I love you ALL


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