“She’s got her feet on the back pedals!!” This was said by me yesterday on our way home from the beach. There was a girl on a motorcycle and she had her feet on the back pedals. I thought it was funny looking because she was sprawled out on the bike. It was like she was going to take a nap.

Our little beach trip was awesome. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I think I said that like a million times while we were there. Maybe more. We got to Clearwater beach Saturday morning around nine thirty, ten. We parked by the beach and chilled for a few hours. Then we went and tried to check in to our hotel but we couldn’t yet but we parked our cars in that lot and then walked the strip. Nils was with us and he kept on calling me a hooker because I had this beach dress/cover up thingy on. It was funny. As we started walking down the strip though he realized I was like over dressed!

We went back and chilled at the hotel for awhile and then Nils left. Me, Michelle, and Candace went back up to our room and showered and then we went to the pier and watched a guy get out of a straight jacket and we saw lots of little craft tables. Interesting. Then me and Candace got a tattoo!! (hee, hee) We tried to go to this one restauraunt that sounded really groovy but we couldn’t find it so we ended up eating at Outback. We had a really great time. After that we went back and fell asleep.

At like seven thirty we were all awake. Michelle and I went down and swam in the pool until about ten thirty. We got all of our stuff out of our room and checked out. (But Candy left my shampoo!) We drove down and bought some magazines and some shorts and then we went back to the beach. We were there for a few hours. Long enough for part of my back (where my tattoo is) to get burnt!! Michelle got fried. But it was funny because she didn’t want any suntan lotion because she “wanted to get a tan.” Me and Brooke laughed about it.

When we got back mom drove me to Javiers, where I am house sitting/dog sitting fo them. John called and drove us to Olive Garden and then we came home and watched The Girls Next Door(I love that show!). But before it was over we ended up going to sleep. Funny story: Michelle got up at like four and went to the bathroom. Well, Kiara heard her and started growling at her and jumped off the bed(she didn’t sleep on the bed Javier; don’t worry!) and she scared the crap out of me!

I just heard that Eddie Guerra died. He’s a wrestler for you stupid people! I used to love watching him when they called him “Latino Heat!” Him and Chyna used to be an item and that was funny but then she kicke his butt. Man I miss watching wrestling!! Well, anywho…I love you ALL


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  1. First off he called you a whore and I was the one who pointed out the girls feet were on the back pedals…..you need to get your facts straight before I sue! Oh and Latino Heat died of heart complications.

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