“If you want to view paradise……simply look around and view it.” Gene Wilder in (I think) his most wonderful role ever. He plays Willy Wonka in, if you can’t guess it your really dumb, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! I just watched it today with Mady. She wasn’t all that excited about it. I haven’t bought the new one yet. Can you believe it? I just haven’t had the time to, really. I will though. Don’t worry. Maybe then I’ll have a few friends over (Di……..?) She’s probaly not even reading this!!

Well this weekend were going to the beach. I know, I know! It’s November. You don’t have to tell me that. I know. It’ll be fun. It’s going to be me and Candy and Michelle but Nils is driving us up there on Saturday. He can’t stay the night but he’ll enjoy the day with us. And then on Sunday John is coming and enjoying the day with us. It will be a blast. I’m sure. Were going to be swimming all day. Hopefully the hotel pool will already be heated for the winter!!! Pray that it is….please!

On Monday is Michelle’s 21st birthday. Where have all the years gone. We were talking a few days ago about when we had gone to Mexico and I thought it was like two years ago. But no……it’s been like 5, 6 years ago. OHMYGOSH!! I’m getting old. But anywho….were taking her to Bennigans to celebrate. You can come if you read this. If you can’t read this: Your not invited!! (That’s right! I’m prejudiced against people that can’t read!!) Oh what fun!!

Interesting thing today. I found somebody’s myspace that I guess is interesting. Only to me but I’m really not interested in it. Only a select few will find it amusing. I think. We’ll have to see. Myspace sucks though so I probaly won’t be spending much time there anyway. Maybe I’m just a Bitter Betty? Nah! Well anywho….
I love you ALL


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  1. I would love a Hummer right about now, man I will never forget that day, the rugged path to womanhood that we took, while the guys drove the H3…ha! Gee wiz I miss you guys! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever! Thank you for calling me yesterday to see if I was going to Denny’s, I hope you had a blast, two more things, I can’t believe you haven’t bought the movie yet, and I am sorry I cannot go out with you Monday night! Have a great week! Catch ya later!

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