“I hurt myself today……to see if I still bleed.” This is a small portion of Johnny Cash’s song “Hurt.” I heard this song for the first time while I was at CIY a few years ago. I bought the CD as soon as I got home and I listened to it constantly. The whole CD is actually pretty good. It even has the video for the song. I’m going to have to watch it again now. I’m only talking about Johnny Cash because that new movie’s coming out. I can’t wait. I love Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. I mean: HELLO! Who doesn’t? Did you know they  both actually can sing?? And they both play the instruments in the movie?? Candace told me that little fact.

I have been having a blast with Michelle!! We’ve been chilling out and wearing ourselves out all at the same time! We went to Disney the other day and then the next day we went to the car show. Disney was soo much fun. I recognized some people so that was interesting. We watched Cinderellabration and I have to say that I thought that show sucked!! Big time. I wouldn’t waste your time on that show if I were you! We got to ride up front on the monorail twice! That was really cool. I was like the only one not exhausted that day. I was still charging around at nine pm and I think John was ready to call it quits. I know Michelle was!! It was funny. I would explain but I can’t!!!

The car show was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I drove quite a few things. You had to drive a SUV or truck to go to the Hummer course so we went straight to the SUV’s I drove a bunch of them but my favorites were the Toyota Sequoia and the Rendevouz!!! Ohmygosh! I loved them so much I want to go out and buy them now. Both of them!! I definately want a SUV now. So when we got to the Hummer course were watching everybody in front of us go(the line was over an hour wait!). There is this huge hill made of dirt. HUGE!! Well we got up there and Candace said she would go first and then she was all like “I don’t want to go first, you guys always make me go first!” So anywho…she went first. And she’s driving and she comes to the hill and she stops and then starts up it and she stops going up it. And let me tell you it was scary!! You couldn’t see any ground. Only sky! So we go over it and going down was way more scary! It was like a roller coaster ride. Danielle went next and then I did and I beat the other Hummer!! (inside thing) and the instructor that went with us made me go up really high on the berm (??) thingy. It was like a hill that we had to drive up sideways. Do you get it?

Anywho……it’s been a blast. This upcoming weekend I’m going to the beach. And it shall be fun!!! I can’t wait. Here I come freezing water!! Be afraid. Be very afraid!! I love you ALL


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  1. Hey!  I’m going to be where you live this weekend!!!  lol!   I am going to Women of Faith with some friends from church and Justin has “Cosmic Bowling” from 11 pm to 2 am on Friday night…. I’m not really sure where Gabe will be yet, lol.   But if you wanna go to bowling with our youth group call Justin’s cell   417-6111.    I love you and miss you all!!

  2. Thank you responding to my anti-Sith website.  We are going to see the movie as soon as possible also!  I heard it is being shown in IMAX.  Do you know where an IMAX is around here?  Which theater are you going to?  We will probably go to AMC Pleasure Island on Saturday.  I can’t wait!

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