“Go Pacers!!!” This will be screamed by me tonight as I among with some other friends watch the Pacers kick some Magic butt! Michelle, Candace and Danielle are going along with moi and it should be fun. I can’t wait.

Things have been busy. Lots of stuff going on. Lots and lots.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on DVD now so I can go out and buy that! What an exciting day it is for me. I love Johnny Depp. Have I said that before??

I love you ALL and I’ll write more later.


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  1. Hey Holly!!!! How’s it going? I’ve missed you since you been gone from church its a bit more quit now….. and thats a bad thing because then I get bored…And it is NOT good for me to get bored… I will always find something to do… Some people already no this but when i get bored I either scribble scrabble on paper.. or i run around in circles.. So ya tell me if and when ur coming…
    WE’VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~David G…. AND YOSHI!!~~~~~~~~~~~

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