“I want to go home!” This was said by Madyson today while we were out shopping. We had just gone into the first store at the outlet mall when she started saying that. And then once I told her we weren’t going home yet she started to say she was hungry!! It was funny.

I ended up buying a bunch of shirts at Gap Outlet. Good times. Michelle only found one shirt and that was about it. I didn’t find much after that. It was a good day in all. I got a dress/cover up at Steve and Barrys in Pointe Orlando. Groovy.

Thursday night Javier gave me and Michelle tickets to see the Magic play the Heat. The Heat of course won. I mean hello! Does anybody think the Magic are good players??  I mean except Drew (who wouldn’t know a good basketball team from anything!). We had a blast. I almost got lost but I didn’t. That was fun! We sat next to some boring people. They didn’t clap, they didn’t move the entire game. The kid behind me kicked my sit for a long time. I kept on looking back and whenever I did his mom was smacking his legs. I wanted to scream at her “apparently that’s not working!”

Next Wednesday night the Magic are playing the Pacers!! I can’t wait. We have tickets for that one already! Danielle and Candace are going so it’ll be a girl’s night out! Should be fun. I think it will be. I just have to find a Pacers jersey or a hat or something. I already have the shorts. The only that sucks about this game will be that Reggie Miller won’t be there!! We went and saw them last year and I actually have a picture of Reggie Miller. That was good times.

Tomorrow were going to the Florida Mall and that will be awesome. More shopping!! I can’t wait!

Sunday we’ll probaly go to Halloween Horror Nights. I know I talk about it all the time but I love it so much. I wish that I could buy everyone a ticket so you all could see how cool it is. I want everybody to go!! Then on Monday it’s Halloween!!! I really can’t wait for that. Mom finished my costume; just about. Just needs a little something something. Candace’s is done too and Michelle’s is almost done.
I’ll try to write more.
I love you ALL


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  1. I think that you should go out every night of the weekend because you don’t really get to go out (and have fun) during the week, can you?
    I like your way of thinking…:) Hope you’re doing well, it’s been a while!

  2. Thats ok. You can come to my game Friday. You better be there Holly! And tell Joanne I’d love to see them too! No one from PCC will be coming because theres a lock in that night so its all good. And j’mappelle Kayte. I’m still passing French!!!

  3. I am excited about the game, girl’s night out sounds like fun, what time are we going again…..??? Well Thanks for inviting me to the Halloween house, it was a blast, even though I was more scared than the people sometimes You guys were all awesome! Well I shall see you lovely ladies tomorrow, when I will be cheering for the Magic!

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