“I’m a treasure hunter.” OHMYGOSH!! If I had but known what would’ve come of saying “oh really” to this guy I would’ve run away!! Let me back up a little and start at the very very beginning.

Candace met me at Javier’s yesterday afternoon so we could go to Denny’s like normal but since nobody picked us up we ended up walking to the bus stop. Actually I called mom from Walgreens and asked her to pick us up at Subway because Candy and I had decided to grab a sub. So we got over to the bus stop and there was a guy sitting there so we sat down and spoke in Creole whenever we talked so he wouldn’t understand. The bus comes and we stand up and loe and behold there’s another guy sitting there too! Where did he come from? We hadn’t seen him come so we were a little shocked to say the least. Well, we rode the bus to Subway and got off and walked in and got in line. A long line with only one girl  (who was obviously new) working behind the counter!

Somehow we start talking about bread and how many calories are in it and this guy behind us tells us that he used to be a bagger. We politely look at him and say “those must have been the best years of your life!” He then procedes to tell us that he’s a treasure hunter. He has a boat and he looks for treasure in the lake. WOW. So I say “oh really,” and he continues to tell us all about it. What he’s found; that it’s in a museum. So there’s a pause in the conversation and me and Candace look down, around, anywhere but at him. He then out of nowhere, since were not looking at him, says “I’ve written a script.” Me and Candy looked at him and smile; kind of. He tells us all about his “script.” It’s about a treasure hunter (like himself) who is about his age (45-50?) and he meets this girl (about 23-26). She’s a conservative girl or whatever and he’s a liberal. Whatever he said. They eventually fall in love. And then as I’m ordering my sub he says “yeah, I think the guys will really love the scene when there on the front of the boat and he’s oiling the girl up.” OHMYGOSH! Can this guy not take a hint???

I was honestly waiting for him to ask us if we model? Or if we wanted to be in his movie! As soon as we got out of Subway we walk towards Publix (mom had gone to WalMart for something) and hide behind a pillar. We waited there until the creepy “treasure hunter” had left and then we walked back to Subway and waited for mom. What an eventful evening!!

Oh, when we got home I put on Bill and Ted’s Halloween show and watched the whole thing!! I think it’s the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen it in a few days!! I’m a psycho; watch out! And guess what? I’m probaly going to watch it again tonight. So there.

Some friend sent me this website so I’m sharing it with you. I don’t remember if I sent anybody an email about it or not so here it is: www.wayn.com
Well, I shall end things here. I love you ALL


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