“Excuse me……you can’t record that!” This was said to mom as we were coming out of Cold Blind Terror (scary house). Apparently your not supposed to record inside the houses!! Let’s just say that video is soo funny. It’s pitch black and then stobe lights and then soap suds!! Craziness! Me and Candace are screaming all the while and you can hear me faintly saying sorry for bumping into the guy in front of me! So much fun. So much.

Were going to go back Thursday and then were going to try to sneak Michelle in there. Well not really sneak her. I’m going to let her use mom’s ticket since mom won’t be there. I should be able to choose who gets my ticket and all that jazz. That doesn’t make a lot of sense but it does to those who know about what I’m talking about.

Michelle comes this Sunday. I can’t wait!! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her and so much I’m sure has changed. One thing being she’s married now! Wooo-hoo!

I’m in love with Johnny Depp. Is that new news? I think not but I wanted to write it anyway!! Ya know, I’m almost to the obsessed fan but not quite. We were watching the Bill and Ted’s show (obviously!) and the first time I recorded it I was on nothing but Willy Wonka. Now I know that it really wasn’t Johnny Depp up there but just thinking that Johnny Depp had played that charachter I was excited!! Is that psychotic? Anybody know? Well my mom thinks I’m crazy already because I hear voices!!! (ask her) I love Johnny Depp. Had to type it again. (the voices told me to!)
I love you ALL


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