Candace and I went to Halloween Horror Nights last night (my fourth time). Here are somet things that were said while we were there. Not necessarily from either one of us!! And if you don’t understand all of them then oh well. It wasn’t meant for you to understand.
” Bravo-India-Tango-Charlie-Hotel!”
” Did you not see my arm there!!”
” Is this the start of the line………Randy!?!”
” He’s really weird!”
” The tall man’s talking!”

Ok, I guess that’s enough. Some of them are hilarious to me since I was there and I know everyone that reads this wasn’t there except Candy so I’ll try to explain a few of them.
*The first one was said to Candace while we were passing a girl in line because the attendant called for a group of two and apparently the girl that said it didn’t want us to cut?
*The second one was said to me as I was leaving a haunted house. I was trying to walk by these people and this girl stuck her arm out in front of me and I kept walking and I pushed her arm out of the way.
*The last one was said by me when I realized that one of the guys on stilts had a microphone and was talking to people. I was excited!

So as you can guess I had a blast. I took my cameracorder with me and I recorded just about the whole Bill and Ted’s show. I got some good stuff. You’ll have to ask Candace about “the rock” dancing for her!!! I got some good shots of Napolean Dynamite and Willy Wonka!! Some good good times.

So I’m chilling today. Relaxing. When a couple of guys….they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. Wow, had a moment there!! I think I’ll chill tomorrow too. I don’t think I have anything to do tomorrow. Maybe mom and me will try to find some garage sales so I can find that sleigh bed I’ve been looking for!! Doubtful but hopeful!

My friend is coming soon. I can’t wait. The 23rd!! It’s coming! Closer and closer. I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!
Well I love you ALL


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