“My name is Inferno!” This was said by…..well…..Inferno. Last night we got to City Walk and we were walking by the stage and this guy on stilts starts singing “Time Warp” (which coincidently Candy and I had just been singing) so we stop and listen and sing along like we’ve had a few too many (we were probaly the soberest? there!).

So this guy on stilts brings out these apparitions, I can’t remember what he called them. That wasn’t it but it was something like that! He told us to follow him and we did!! We walked up right in front of Pat O Brians and they all performed. It was pretty entertaining. We stayed the whole time. Tonight I am bringing my video camera so I can see tape them.

Once we got into IOA last night we went straight for Bill and Ted’s Hallween Adventure show. The show was going on but they let us line up for the next one. There was only about twenty five people ahead of us. So once the doors opened we ran (literally!) and we got almost front row seats!!! It started with these girls talking. We couldn’t see them well but what they were saying wasn’t too good. Crude stuff. So they strip down to school girl uniforms and are dancing with some men. It was pretty bad. I was like…yikes!! But all of a sudden mom leans close to me and says: “That’s Lorraine!” Lorraine used to sing at church eons ago. But boy oh boy was she shaking what her mommy gave her! She was by far the sluttiest girl up there! It was crazy.

Besides that the show rocked. They had everybody in it! Willy Wonka……Batman…….The Fabulous Quartet!……and even Napolean Dynamite!!! I almost screamed! He danced so close to us. Today I’m wearing my N.D. shirt so hopefully he’ll see it and laugh!

We rode some rides last night. Actually less than last time because we were so tired. We only went through one scary house last night too. And that was only because Candy hadn’t seen it yet. So I went first and Candace is jumping at everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! She’s using my hands as a karate chopper and it was hilarious.

Surprisingly I’m not tired today! I woke up at six forty five to shower but I had dreamed that I had already woken up and showered so it wasn’t that good for me. I gotta take care of baby Jay so I’ll write more later! I love you ALL


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  1. Oh Gracious and forgiving Holly, please have mercy on me….I am at home again this weekend, so no Living Water…sorry! I really do want to go!!!! I promise!!!! How about the weekend after next???? Possibly???? I am 99.9 % sure I am free! Sounds like you had fun! I missed you guys last night! Hope you are having a great night, day ,week, weekend….

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