“Your quoting alot of Democrats.” Dubya Bush said that on Tuesday morning. He was in LA building a house with Habitat for Humanity and Matt Lauer was kind of interviewing him. It was ridiculous because (did anyone see it?) Matt was asking if this was just a publicity stunt and stupid questions like that. Matt was saying that there were a lot of cameras around….that’s why he asked if it was a publicity stunt. I mean HELLO!! The President can’t even go walk his dog without cameras going with him! I hate Democrats. They are soooo stupid. Among other things.

So to get away from all that…..tonight Candace is joining us at Halloween Horror Nights. It’ll be fun. I forgot my camera so I’ll have to take it tomorrow with us! Were going straight after work so we won’t stay as late. It’s open till two a.m. but I don’t think if we stayed that late any of us would be able to get up the next day. Well…..I wouldn’t be able to! I’m really excited. I’m going through everything I want to do tonight. Yippee!

My friend Michelle is coming down for a month soon. She comes in on the 23rd of this month and is leaving mid November. I’m sooo excited. Her husband’s still in Navy Basic so she’s coming down to visit. Were going to go see the Pacers kill the Magic on November 2nd. I am sooo looking forward to that! Ya know, today I was just thinking of Larry Bird and those Lays commercials where everyone was singing I wanna be like Mike and it shows Larry and he just looks at the camera and says I don’t wanna sing! Anybody remember those commercials or are they a figment of my imagination??
I love you ALL


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