“Oh no, somethings gone wrong…….Warning!” They say this as your about to be blasted from the tunnel of the Hulk ride at I.O.A. Wow. Definately good times. Me and mom went last night and we had sooo much fun. We didn’t do too much last night but it was great.

As soon as we got in the park we rode the Hulk. Front row!! It was kind of sick while we were in line because there were people smoking in the line! Can you believe it? Anywho…..after that we decided to ride Doctor Doom. I love that ride. Mom forgot that it shot you up so fast. She thought it took you up slowly and then dropped you! Right after that we went to the haunted house “Demons Cantina!” I kept on thinking the guy behind us was a scary guy so whenever I’d turn around to look at mom I’d see him and jump!

As soon as we got out of that house we went and rode Dr. Doom again! Then we walked over to Bill and Ted’s Adventure and we had just missed the show so we went to Dueling Dragons. We rode them both on the front row. Fire is sooo much better. Definately better. When we were done riding that we walked back to our car and left. Good times. Very good times!

This past weekend I stayed at Becky’s house to dog sit while they were away on their cruise. I swam sooo much. Well, whenever it would stop raining I would be swimming. I saw some new movies I hadn’t seen before while I was there. The Wedding Date (don’t see it!) and Guess Who(Definately don’t see!). I watched Hot Chick too but I’ve seen that before. I really like that movie. It makes me laugh. I’d burst out laughing and Baby (who was laying next to me) would tilt her head and look at me. It was funny.

I guess I will end things here because I am really tired and I want to quit writing! I love you ALL!


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  1. Sounds like you had fun at I.O.A. I wish I had the guts to go on Dr. Doom…I have rode ever other ride in the park, except for that flying thing in the dinosaur place,it is for kids. I am glad you got to go to the other Haunted Houses! On another note… If I can’t change my Doctor’s appointment to friday then I am going to have to go back home again tomorrow. Then I will be here this weekend, and that would be awesome! If I do get it changed then I won’t, but we will have to soon! I hope you are having a great day, and trying to entice me with nada colada’s is always a way to go…

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