This past Monday night Candace and I watched half of Pirates of the Carribean so that is where today’s quotes come from!!
“That has to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen!”
“It would appear so!”
“Are you going to save her?”
“I can’t swim.”
“A fine pearl to the king’s nave you are!”

Ohmygosh how I love that movie! We didn’t even watch the whole thing because we were waiting for mom and dad to get home. So we turned the movie off when Jack has his crew from Tortuga and they are almost to the Isla De Muerte. We then went outside to Waltz in the driveway (don’t ask!). But back to Pirates; Candy and I were in Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney a few weeks back. We saw this Jack Sparrow doll there! Holy cow, it was too cool. It said phrases from the movie and me and Candace were amused for a few minutes!

Let me see……oh, something interesting. I embarassed myself completely on Tuesday morning. I was walking on the Oaks Blvd and I was to the intersection where you can either go straight or turn right. So I was crossing since it was clear and then all of a sudden this car turned so I started to stop. Well my shoes caught some gravel and I slid. My lright foot went straight out and my left foot came halfway back. It was perfect for my knee to get all skinned up but nothing major. It was totally embarassing because there were cars all around but I just jumped up and kept walking across the road!! Then a minute down the road this car pulled up beside me and asked me if I was alright!! How nice yet so much more embarassing! I would’ve been fine if noone would’ve noticed and gone about their morning business.

Wednesday night Nils’ tried to get somebody kicked out of Denny’s. It was funny because it was someone from FCC and our waitress played right along with us and talked to her and told her she was bothering us! It was funny. At first I didn’t realize they were from FCC. I just thought it was some random person and I couldn’t believe Nils would say such a thing. But I laughed when I got it! Dumb blonde!

When we got back to the college we played some Portugese pool. Fun game. Me and Candace (happy?) were rowdy and knocked the pool balls from the table on more than one occassion. Therefore in turn making some kids in the corner angry. Well they stared at us. Meanly! I tell ya, kids at the school are the meanest in the world. And the nosiest. (Danielle, I don’t mean you there.) Long story.

Thursday Candace and I took Pilates at the YMCA again. This time we had a different teacher and she tried to kill us! Not really but she was really working us. Which is good. I feel it today!

Oh guess what?!! Today I bought my ticket for Halloween Horror Nights. I cannot wait to go. I talked Candace into getting the pass thingy with me so I’ll have someone to go with if John or Adam can’t! I want to go tonight, I am so excited! I think I’m going to pee my pants. My mom suggested diapers!! I might look into that!! Not really. I was kidding.

So I guess I shall leave you here. Oh I almost forgot. I had this amazing dream last night and I actually remember it. I wonder if it’ll come true then. Any dream analyzers out there?? What I remember is that I was at Michael Vartan (Alias, Monster-In-Law)’s house and he had this kid; more like a baby. Now I had a kid too but she was like toddler age. The main part that I remember was that I was putting my kid down in the living room and I went back into the baby’s room where Michael was changing the baby’s diaper. He turned around and just looked at me and like I knew that we loved each other. It was good. Such a sappy dream but it makes me smile and maybe that means I’m going to marry a rich actor type that’ll love me!!!
I love you ALL


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  1. Good luck with marrying a rich actor guy, can I come to the wedding??? I am really sorry I will not be able to go to Living Water this week. I was all ready to go and I found out my roomate was going to be alone for the night , and I know I would not like to spend the night by myself, so I was not going to let her stay all alone, man the things I do for the people I love, even if they don’t appreciate it all the time. Oh well, I am really sorry! You guys have a great time and I hope to see you soon, hopefully the week after this I can start the Denny’s thing again, I have a paper due this Thursday so I can tell you right now, I will be working on it until the last minute! Talk to you soon! Tell everone I said hello!

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