“Shiiiiiiiiiiine On!” This is Ryan Cabrera’s new song. I think it sounds pretty groovy. I’ve only heard it twice but it’s stuck in my head. I’ve been listening to Hit List for a few hours so I’ve been dancing with Mady and Ya-Ya. Good times. Yasmin is sooo funny when she dances. She just shakes her arms and it makes me crack up!!

So let’s see…….What have I been up to since I last wrote? Well, Friday night Candy and I and Nils went and saw Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Very good. Very good indeed! I love Johnny Depp!! Have I said that before?? After that we went home and I can’t honestly remember if we watched another movie or not! It doesn’t matter. On Saturday I got to sleep in, and sleep in I did! I didn’t get out of bed till ten a.m. Now some of you may say “That’s not very late!” Well to me it is!

So me and John and Brooke went to the Florida Mall. Had a really good time. Bought a few things. I bought this awesomely funny book at Borders about dogs. There all dressed up and they have captions that are hilarious. You should’ve heard us in that store cracking up at them. I bought that and then I was looking in the SALE section (my favorite part!) and I saw Calvin and Hobbes books. I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. I used to read those books when I was like in third grade!! Does that make me sound old? Anywho….I love them and I found two that I didn’t have so I only bought one. Oh well….I have another one to buy now.

After the mall we went to Spirit Halloween Store. I love that store soooo much!! My jaw just drops whenever I go in there. If you love Halloween then you need to go in that store. Big time. So anywho…I got some stuff for my Halloween Party this year, which I will still be having!! We’ve decided that were not going to go Trick-Or-Treating this year. We are going to give out candy. So were going to decorate the garage into this scary place that kids will be terrified of!!!! I cannot wait. Have I said that Halloween is my favorite holiday???? Well it certainly is! Wait until you see my costume! I bought stuff for it yesterday too. I am sooooo excited!

So anywho…..yesterday I was a heathen (whatever) and didn’t go to church. Actually I didn’t feel well. My head was killing me and I couldn’t talk real well because my throat was soo scratchy. (You should’ve heard me singing karoke with Candy on Sat. night!!) Yeah, alrighty. When Candace and Adam got back from church we took Adam home and then we went to the movies again. Mom wanted to see Corpse Bride so we went and saw that. Dad was there too. After we saw that we wanted to watch another movie so Candy really wanted to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. I did not but since I couldn’t find another movie I saw that one.

I am so disgusted by it. I was so disgusted by it. They had way too much cussing in it. They could’ve done without that. It was just disgusting. The only thing I liked was that he did wait until he was married before he had sex and then the ending where they sang songs from “Hair.” (If you have never seen Hair before I do not recomend that movie either!!) After that movie we called Javier’s house because we were supposed to come for chinese food. We got there and ate some and then had some awesome dessert!! Go Joanne!! We chilled and I spent the night. It felt so good to just go to bed instead of riding all the way home and then trying to get to sleep and then waking up at the butt crack of dawn to walk here. Blah! Anywhoo….it was good.

So today I’m chilling. I’m going to go take a nap since the girl’s are all sleeping! I love you ALL


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  1. Coach changed her mind AGAIN!!! Lol. She decided to go back up to 15 girls which puts me back on competition. So I don’t really HAVE to work on my jumps. They’re good. Now when are you going to update???

  2. That is so awesome ! I Didn’t know that they had other ones too! I wish I had one when I was a kid, I’m not going to lie I wish I had one now The things that bring joy to life, who would have thought…..    As for this weekend I think Adam said he was busy or something, I may have totally misunderstood him, but we are going to see the Corpse Bride tonight! I will ask him again and see what is going on. Talk to ya soon, have a great day!

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