“My sweet 16!” What a show! What a show! Today Sweet 16 was a guy boy who was having a fashion show. Oh, what has our world turned into?? I didn’t even watch all of it because it was so blah!! But man, if it would’ve been Laguna Beach I so would’ve been watching it!! Has anybody else seen that show besides me? I’m addicted. I’m going to buy season one soon and then I’m going to buy season two as soon as it comes out!! How sad am I? Don’t answer that!! Not needed!

So last night was Wednesday night, for you slow ones, and we went to Denny’s. Danielle was sick so she didn’t come and I don’t know why Adam didn’t come so it was just John, Candy, me and Nils. At seven thirty we went to the college to see if Nils was off work to see if we could chill before we left. So before we pull into the student parking lot we decide to prank him good! We went to the library parking lot and I got into the trunk!! Candy put this gag on me and taped my writsts together!

So she shuts the trunk and gets in and they zoom over to in front of Nils’ room. They get him to come over to the car saying that John has speakers for him and all that jazz. So John pops the trunk and I pop up screaming as best I can!!! Nils’ face was sooo priceless! He screamed like a little girl and jumped back!! Wow! It was soo funny! We all couldn’t stop laughing.

We had a super time at Denny’s. Nils’ D-group leader came in so we started teasing Nils’ about things. Had to be there kind of thing. Oh, when we got back Hope (“Ho”) pulled up and Nils said “hey” and she totaly blew him off!! I felt sorry for the poor boy but oh well. Life moves on!!
I love you ALL!!


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  1. I AM ADDICTED TO LAGUNA BEACH! I have been trying to hide it, and I kinda feel like I need to go to a support group for it or something. I have decided that I should LIVE in Laguna and be their old friend that tells them how young they all are…and then they take me Cabo…sounds good, right? OH – and I am SO sick of that Jason kid. But they are stupid for letting him play them like he does. Man, I hope you really do watch it or else I am going to sound like SUCH a loser! ha!

  2. I missed you guys too! I am really sorry, I wanted to go but I really feel like crap. I wished I could have been there for the prank oh man!  I hope you are having a great week and I look foward to seeing you guys on Wednesday..save some laughs for me!

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