“I fell!”    This is what I said last night at Denny’s when as you can probaly guess, I fell. I don’t really remember what we said at that moment but Candace pushed me out of the booth and my legs were tangled up and I toppled over. Funny last night. We were really cracking up. It was John, Candy, me, Nils, Adam and instead of Danielle(who we missed) was Erika. We all had fun I think.

Oh except that our waitress was a complete failure at her job. Maybe she just didn’t want us to be there; I don’t know? But anywho…..she was the slowest muther trucker out there last night. We ordered our drinks and by the time we got them we were practically ready to leave!! So our food of course took forever to get to us and she messed up on my order. I asked for toast, not pancakes!!! So….yeah. Adam was mad too. She didn’t refill his glass and she had been back to the table three times! So she did not get a tip from me or Adam. I was mad at her. We told her at the begining that our checks would be split so when she brought back this ONE check she asked if anybody was paying debit/credit. Nils was so she was like “oh, I have to go seperate this!

When we paid it was our normal waitress up there and I told her that we missed having her as our waitress. She was like just next time you come in here just ask for me. I was like you bet your butt we will. Actually I didn’t say that per se! The ride home was uneventfull. Got home, bought some Disney DVD’s and went to beddy by poo-poo!

This morning Yasmin didn’t come over at eight thirty so I started picking up and stuff. At nine thirty I started getting worried so I was watching the windows waiting for her to come. Normally she’ll come between eight ten and eight thirty. Usually not later. So at ten fifteen I’m starting to freak out! I’m starting going through all these situations in my head like maybe somebody has killed her and Judy and their lieing there dead in the house. Maybe I should go over and ring the doorbell. Maybe the alarm clock didn’t go off and they are just sleeping late? Well finally at about ten thirty five I remember that on Monday Judy told me she was taking Yasmin to the doctor today!! So I chilled out and relaxed and five minutes later Yasmin and Judy showed up!!
I love you ALL


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