“Old man winter came and paid us a visit last night and he left….
not a pillow….
not a sheet…….
but a blanket.
A blanket of snow.”

I was watching Spongebob this morning and this was on it. You have to say it in kind of deep voice to get it though because that fish news thingy said it. I’m a genius aren’t I? “Fish News Thingy??” Well, what do you expect from me? I spend my days with little kids!

I wrote an interesting blog on myspace today www.mspace.com/HollyDepp, all about myspace and xanga and how different they were. Over the weekend someone was talking to me and telling my what they thought about those two things. On myspace seems to be a whole bunch of derelicts and vulgar people. Xanga tends to be more reserved, for the most part, and respectable place. Does anybody else think that or am I and this other person the only on?

I went and saw Skeleton Key with Candace. I have to say I want to see it again. It was soooo good. Candace was jumpy; I’ll admit I was too once or twice. Kate Hudson is such a good actor. I don’t the actors name but he was a hottie and very very good!! After we saw the movie Nils called us and said that him and Matt (a friend of Nils’) and Danielle and Adam and John were coming into Downtown Disney. So me and Brooke waited for them inside the theater.

All of a sudden I get a call from Adam being very vague and he tells me to come out to the truck. Fast. So I’m walking really fast to the truck when I see Nils and Matt walking towards me. Nils says that Adam is about to be arrested (which he later told me was just so I would hurry up!!). So I’m running and Adam is being harrassed by a Disney rent a cop! I was so hyped up on Mountain Dew I was hyper! So apparently Adam jumped into the back of the truck and the rent a cop stopped him and asked him for the key to the truck to make sure it was his. He couldn’t prove it was his (which he later did) and so the lady was like “sorry for making you come out here” and I said “Like I care what he does to the truck. It’s his jus as much as it is mine!!”

Yes I said that!! And as I was walking away I was like, rather loud, “Is that rent a cop on a power trip or what?” So I think the lesson of the day is: Don’t give Holly Mountain Dew during a stressfull situation!!! So there you have Holly’s exciting week. Oh, after all that we went and saw Red Eye. I do not recomend this as much as I do Skeleton Key!!
I love you ALL



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  1.  I am really excited about this weekend and I would have loved to see Adam when you were teasing him. You were awesome the other night at Disney, I can’t believe he got in trouble, it wasn’t funny at first but when it was all said and done it was. Nils really had to book it over to you for you to get there that quick. I want to see the Skeleton Key, the Exorcism of Emily Rose was really good, the scariest movie I have ever seen. I think we should go and see The Corpse Bride it comes out on Saturday, I am really excited! Well that is all for now, I hope to see you later.

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