“Holly likes it when he’s naked!” Only from the mouth of a babe. (That’s little kid, not a hottie) Madyson said this yesterday as me and her, and Taylar and Yasmin and John and Javier were all watching Yakkity Yak. That cartoon is sooo funny and if you’ve seen it before than you’ll kind of get what was said up above. There’s a part in the credits that the Yak, Yakkity, is falling and all of a sudden his fur comes off (which is kind of like a huge dress) and he falls and he’s this skinny little thing in a tank top and boxers. Very funny. I laugh at it all the time. But when Mady said that I cracked up majorly!!

Last night “the gang” went to Denny’s on 192. We used to go there eons ago but we switched from FCC’s to Poinciana’s. Only me and Candy and Adam remembered going there. The same waiter that we used to have works there too. That was funny. Evan joined us as well this week so that was cool. I told Nils wrong directions so of course he got lost. Ok, I didn’t really tell him wrong directions just messed up a little. Very little. I said that coming down 192 it’ll be on your right and if you get to the Hooters you’ve gone to far. Well loe and behold the Hooters is before it!! Hee, hee. Nils: I really didn’t realize that! We laughed about it and about Nils roommates! We had a blast. A really good time. I was ready to go home though at ten so we all scedaddled out of there. I have no idea if that’s how you spell it.

When me and Brooke got home mom had Tommy Knockers on. If you don’t know what that movie is, it a Stephen King movie so that should help. As soon as they pulled the teeth out I was outta there and getting ready for beddy by. So I tossed and turned last night. Don’t know why. Maybe I’ll get some more sleep tonight. Who knows.

I guess that’s really it. Nothing truly exciting has been going on. Oh, well this isn’t exciting but just some news. My great grandparents (Great Grandma Joyce is 90 and my Great Grandpa Woody is 92) are going to go to a nursing home on Monday. Please pray for my grandma Rita who pretty much takes care of them because I’m sure that’s a very stressful thing to do. I’m sure she’ll be balling that day. Candace told mom we were putting her in one whenever we wanted to. I told her we were going to sign the do not resusitate thingy. We were just teasing with her. I can’t imagine mom not being near either one of. Me and Candace are probaly going to get married (not to each other and not soon) and just live with mom and dad forever. Yeah, right
I love you ALL


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